I jumped for joy when I found this classic story in English and Spanish. As you bilingual therapists know, it’s difficult to haul around 2 copies of every book. I also love it because The Gingerbread Man|El Hombre de Pan de Jengibre is a tale that students from all cultures can enjoy!). You can buy it here.


Here’s how I use it during speech therapy.

Before the Story

Follow Directions

Make a Gingerbread Man | Galleta de Jengibre craft! Everyone loves making crafts so it’s a great way to motivate and engage students. There are a number of directions to follow when making The Gingerbread Man Show & Retell Craftivity (freebie). You can make the directions simple or complex depending on the student’s level.



While making the craft, many opportunities emerge for describing and categorizing. Students will decorate their Gingerbread Man or Woman with winter clothing, body parts, and spices. Ask students to name these objects and the corresponding categories while cutting, after glueing, and while labeling.

Sequence and Retell

Sending crafts home can be a great way for students to practice language skills with family. Unfortunately, this opportunity is sometimes missed with students who have communication disorders. They may struggle with communicating the steps and describing how the craft was created. The Gingerbread Man Show & Retell Craftivity comes with sequencing pictures to help students share more effectively!

It’s free and comes with Spanish and English versions.

Sample Goals:

1. The student, given number of cues, will follow 2-3 step directions with percentage accuracy…

2. The student, given number of cues, will name the category when given 2 examples and provide 2 examples when provided a category with percentage accuracy…

3. The student, given number of cues, will sequence and retell a story or personal event using past tense verbs and temporal terms with percentage accuracy…

After the Story

Comprehension and Cause/Effect

Ask concrete Who, What, When, and Where questions using the Gingerbread Man Comprehension Worksheets in English and Spanish.  These worksheets give young students the visual cues that they need to feel successful.

Photos (8)

Sample Goals:

4. The student, given number of cues, will answer concrete questions about a story in complete sentences with percentage accuracy…

5. The student, given number of cues, will identify the cause and effect of a scenario or story using complete sentences with percentage accuracy…


Download the FREE Gingerbread Man Bilingual Craftivity here.

Download The Gingerbread Man Bilingual Bundle here.

Download The Gingerbread Man English Companion here.

Download The Gingerbread Man Spanish Companion here.


It’s simple. Enjoy.

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