A Superhero Stuttering Series

The purpose of this series is to provide children who stutter with tools to help them be effective and confident communicators. The Sal Salamander Stuttering Series also helps children develop awareness about their stuttering in an engaging and motivating way.

The concept behind this series is that people who stutter are superhero communicators like Sal Salamander.

Sal collects Critter Powers that represent various communication and fluency strategies.

The powers make it stronger in order to battle Crittersizers that may stand in its way of communication excellence.

There are four types of Critter Powers that Sal Salamander can collect to addresses the following areas of stuttering therapy:

  • Desensitization – promotes a positive attitude toward and awareness of stuttering using The Fearless powers (additionally, each character name is either a syllable or whole word repetition which helps decrease fear and avoidance of stuttering)
  • Communication Excellence –facilitates effective communication and a positive communication image using The Communicator powers
  • Fluency Shaping –promotes forward flowing speech with reduced tension using The Shaper powers
  • Fluency Modification – reduces avoidance and modifies moments of stuttering using The Changer powers

Not sure where to start? I have a few ideas for you!

Meet The Fearless Powers

Worm Wormy – Stuttering Education

Shrimp Shrimpy – Risk Taking

Butter Butterfly – Disclosure or Advertising

Frog Froggy – Voluntary and Open Stuttering

Not all of the lessons may be appropriate for all clients; therefore SLPs should use their clinical judgement to determine the appropriate lessons to use in therapy. Use the free pre and post test to help determine if the lesson is appropriate.

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