The Fearless Critter Powers help children talk about stuttering with no fear which is called Desensitization.

There are three lessons (missions) that progress through each Critter Power to teach concepts and promote carryover and generalization.

  1. Catch It – identify the use of the communication/fluency strategy
  2. Practice It – use the strategy in situations and places that feel comfortable. While in their comfort zone, children will be introduced to Crittersizers, which are negative thoughts that children who stutter may experience in their life.
  3. Own It – face the Crittersizers and use strategies to defeat the Crittersizers with positive self-talk. Children practice communication and fluency strategies outside their comfort zones using homework sheets to track progress.

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Power: Education

I help kids learn all about stuttering so they can teach others.

Power: Risk Taking

I empower kids to think about situations when talking is easy and difficult so they can learn to take risks when they are ready.

Power: Self-Disclosure or Advertising

I help kids talk to others about stuttering to help others understand how to act.

Power: Voluntary or Open Stuttering

I encourage kids to stutter on purpose to teach acceptance, reduce the anticipation of a stutter, and prevent bigger ones from happening.