Design digital and printable speech-language materials for early elementary.

A Quick background

Beata Longo, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and the founder of Bluebird Speech.

Bluebird Speech is named after a gift from an inspiring woman that a young Beata met while staying in Spain. It was a small handcrafted ceramic tile with a beautiful bluebird painted on it, which is a symbol of hope and happiness in many cultures. This simple token of generosity helped push Beata to pursue her dreams.

Beata creates constantly.  What began as making hemp necklaces for friends at summer camp evolved into the complex knitwear she makes today in her spare time.  In the digital realm, Beata obsessively creates speech therapy materials utilizing the Adobe Suite application to create clipart, printable materials, and Boom Cardsโ„ข.  With a keen interest in the dual roles of nature and technology, Beata incorporates these concepts into the digital materials that she makes for her speech caseload and other SLPs.

Beata enjoys spending time in her Austin bungalow with her partner (Nick), pet dog (Bruce), and 3 chickens (Patty, Kimchi, and Jagger). She posts about them from time to time on social media.

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