Design minimalist speech-language materials for aesthetically, environmentally, and socially conscious speech-language pathologists.

About ME

Hello! My name is Beata and I am the founder of Bluebird Speech.

I live in Austin, Texas in a little bungalow with my partner Nick and dog Bruce.

I fell in love with speech therapy in 2007 and worked obsessively through my twenties to get a degree in Communication Disorders.

I also worked in the technology industry for a short time, before realizing that the realities of corporate America weren’t for me. Now I use those tech skills to create interactive materials for teletherapy and distance learning.

Bluebird Speech is devoted to creating usable materials for SLPs and teaching them how to enhance their therapy with simple tips.

I am passionate about encouraging SLPs to declutter their speech rooms and make or buy simple materials that bring them joy.

Contact me at beata@bluebirdspeech.com.

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